Shallow Waters Painting

Acrilic Paint on Canvas

65X130 Cm.

Owner - Manoel Arthur Villaboim da Costa Leite - "Neno"


Round Canvas - Serie "Hatches"

Shallow Waters

Acrilic Paint on Canvas

With 80 Cm. Diameter

3 Pieces - Available


Round Canvas - Serie "Hatches" 

Deep Waters

Acrilic Paint on Canvas

 with 60 Cm. Diameter 

 5 pieces available


2 paintings of the serie "Hatches" 

are at H Stern Home the very best

decoration shop in Rio de Janeiro


I had the pleasure of welcoming Paolo Gutierrez, from Mexico, to my studio on the day his painting was delivered.

The "Hatch" series looked great on the wall of his beautiful home in Mexico - "Deep Blue" 60 cm. in diameter

Triptych of serie Lights and Shadows - 80X240 Cm. 

Detail of the middle.

Detail of a painting.


Triptych of serie Lights and Shadows - 90X180 Cm. 

Seascape painting with 100X250Cm in 5 parts - Juliana Santana Architecture


250X100Cm Frame in 5 parts in house of Brasilia - Juliana Santana Architecture