In the early 1980s, Luiz Fernando Clark was studying painting at the Fine Art School, at the UFRJ College, and his friend/brother Lipe Dylong, an international surfer and owner of the ENERGIA surf brand, saw Clark's art work and made a proposal for him to paint the surf and windsurf boards at ENERGIA factory in a still rural Jacarepaguá. In the beginning there were few units shaped by Lipe alone but, with practice, the paintings improved and sales grew fast. Soon there were 6 shapers taking turns every day, and Clark painted the entire production alone, with different styles and colors always in gradient. At first there were dozens, then hundreds of boards every month. ENERGIA grew very fast and became the biggest surf shop in Brazil at the time, and sponsored top athletes like Milton Barros in Windsurfing, Rickson Gracie in Jiujitso, Fernando Bittencourt in surfing, among others.

"All dear friends and Miltinho is like a brother with whom I am daily in and out of the water until today".

Painting directly on the shape is still the most used way of decorating boards, but the use of sublimation printed images, applied before lamination, gives us an infinite range of possibilities and is an option increasingly used in the industry.

Get in touch and have your board with the art of LF Clark.


Clark and his latest surfboard with a picture of a Great White Shark he painted. Sublimation technique on board LinesUp shape by "Cabelo".


The Deck with the image of another painting of Clark "Shallow Water"

Today the process of decorating boards has evolved a lot and with sublimation any image can be applied to the boards. How much difference from the beginning when the colors were made with pigmented resin..

"I had the privilege of meeting Shaun Tonsom on a visit he made to the ENERGIA factory in 1985 and we met again at the Legends Surf Championship at Arpoador Rio de Janeiro, in 2016".


LF Clark with 3 boards with special paintings in front of the Farme de Amoedo store. The two on the right were his (with letters).


Boards painted in different styles and degree of difficulty.

Clark always made a series of very elaborately painted special boards to be distributed to stores or to sports stars. The board in the photo above was his and was exposed in the window of the store in Ipanema, at Farme de Amoedo, a mandatory stop for surfers in the 80s.


Shark painting done with airbrush and brush over polyurethane foam.


Wave painting done with airbrush and brush over polyurethane foam.

Sailfish and Dolphin painting done with airbrush and brush over polyurethane foam.

Windsurf board with asymmetric tail painted by LF Clark.


Milton Barros (Miltinho) "flying" a windsurf board painted by LF Clark. This board is with Milton to this day and in excellent condition. Geriba, Buzios, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.


LF Clark preparing new creations in his painting room at the ENERGIA workshop.

The artist and the result of new glass effect paintings

Photo from the newspaper O Globo at the time with friend "Carluda" and LF Clark with his surfboard painted by him. Ipanema Beach in the early 80s.

The late and dear Rogerio "Buck Roger" in the factory's ready-made boards warehouse.


Water drop painting made after lamination. The hyper-realism effect becomes more evident.

LF Clark surfing this year in Barra da Tijuca Rio de Janeiro. Great photo of Jacqueline Alencar.


LF Clark surfing in Nemberala on the island of Rote, Indonesia.

LF Clark surfing at sunset in Nemberala on the island of Rote, Indonesia.


LF Clark surfing in Nemberala on the island of Rote, Indonesia.

LF Clark surfing in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Detail of his new board with the shark made by sublimation technique.

LF Clark with longtime dear friends and equipment at "Base".


Clark had the privilege of surfing with the surfing legend Felipe Pomar in Nemberala, Indonesia. The only living being to have surfed a tsunami wave..